Solen PA Polypropylene 250Vdc Capacitors

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Solen PA Polypropylene 250Vdc Capacitors

Solen PA Polypropylene is an affordable range of capacitors with a 5% tolerance, widely used and respected in the Hi-Fi community.

The FAST CAPACITOR™ concept is mainly obtained by decreasing the film width from the standard round tubular winding type configuration to a shorter FAST tubular “square aspect ratio” round winding type which decreases the winding resistivity and also increases the contact area.

The exceptional Solen line of metallized polypropylene capacitors features a high purity, polypropylene film dielectric. They exhibit outstanding high-frequency characteristics, low dielectric absorption factor, high current capacity, and unrivalled handling of fast high current pulses.

These axial capacitors are available in a large number of values. Please click Buy Now below to see the complete range.

Also available in a 630V voltage in the form of PPE range.


  • Special Tubular “Square Aspect Ratio” Type Construction.
  • High Conductivity Metallization.
  • Soldered Lead Termination.
  • High Current Capacity.
  • High Frequency and Temperature Stability.
  • Excellent Long Term Electrical and Mechanical Reliability.
  • No Short Term and/or Long Term Signal Aberration.
  • Unrivalled Handling of Fast High Current Pulse.
  • Very Low Dielectric Absorption Factor.
  • Very Low Equivalent Series Resistance.
  • Very Low Inductance.
  • Very High Resonant Frequency.
  • Ultra-Linear Impedance Characteristics.
  • Very Low Dissipation Factor.
  • Very High Insulation Resistance.


  • Type: Metallized Film Capacitor.
  • Dielectric: Polypropylene Film.
  • Electrodes: Aluminum Metallized, Vacuum Deposited.
  • Construction: Round Tubular “Square Aspect Ratio” Type, Axial Leads.
  • Winding: Bifilar Extended Metallized Film.
  • Contact: Non-Inductive, Zinc Thermally Sprayed Extended Film.
  • Coating: Black Plastic Tape Wrapped, Grey Epoxy Resin Sealed.
  • Leads: Tinned Plated Oxygen Free Pure Copper.
  • PA = 250Vdc/150 Vac

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