Glasshouse Passive Pre-amplifier No.1 kit (Chassis Only)

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Glasshouse Passive Pre-amplifier No.1 kit (Chassis Only)

Glasshouse Passive Pre-amplifier Chassis. 

The chassis design keeps all signal wire lengths as short as possible; passives are not good at driving long interconnect runs, so the distance from the inputs - selector - volume control device - output socket is vital. Dimensions (with feet and knobs fitted)- 85mm(h) x 185mm(d) x 150mm(w) 

The Glasshouse chassis is made of 2mm thick aluminium, black powder-coated, with a matt black plastic front panel and black anodised aluminium knobs. The front panel is a 6mm thick matt-finished plastic plate with etched screenprint markings. The chassis is non-ferrous with shielding properties, so there is limited interaction with nearby separates. The finished product weighs in at 1kg to stand firm during switching. 

Our passive has six pairs of RCA inputs, one pair of RCA record outputs and two pairs of output RCA sockets. There are plenty of inputs for multi-source systems, and you can feed a subwoofer and satellite systems with the extra output.

The chassis kit includes the chassis base and lid, front panel, two knobs, feet, and fixings.

This kit suits those who want to build their Pre-Amplifier using a Stepped Attenuator.

Price: £165.00 +vat +p&p


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