Glasshouse C-core TVC Passive Pre-amplifier

Glasshouse C-core TVC Passive Pre-amplifier

Glasshouse are proud to launch the all new C-Core TVC Passive Preamplifier. Centre to the design are the Glasshouse fabulous C-core auto type volume control transformers taking TVCs to the next level.

The chassis, measuring 235mm (wide) x 320mm (depth, with knobs fitted) x 130mm (height) is made of black powder coat 2mm aluminium, the front panel is 10mm thick aluminium alloy black anodised with 2 x 40mm diameter black anodised knobs at the front controlling the selector and volume. The chassis is vent free offering a dust free environment, important for all switch operation.

An important feature we have developed for this kit is the switch clamps, these can accommodate any of the switches we currently stock. The effectively can hold the switch firmly in place anywhere within the chassis in perfect line with the control knobs. Thus you can position the switches to allow for incredibly short wire lengths from the signal inputs to the selector switch and from the transformers to the volume switch. The shafts of the switches is linked to the front by using couplers and extension rods. We all know that voltage signals do not drive long lengths of wire well - this is a great solution to this.

We are offering standard single ended transformers that use RCA sockets for their input and outputs . For the balanced source and amplifier user we have the balanced transformers, these wire up to XLRs.
The chassis is large enough to allow for 6 off RCA input pairs, 2 off RCA output pairs and 1 off RCA record pairs, together with 4 off XLR input pairs, 2 off XLR output pairs and 1 off XLR record pairs. The idea being you use the blanking plugs/caps to cover up the holes you are not utilising.

As a result of there being so many different options on this kit, we are selling the chassis and fixings as one product for £195.00 + vat. You then have the option of which transformers to buy, which connectors, which switches and which wire you would like to use in a recommended shopping list. 

We can build this kit up for people at a cost of £200.00 + vat.



The following is what is included in the TVC C-core chassis kit:   

Chassis base x1           

Chassis lid x1  

Chassis front panel x1  

Knob x2          

switch clamps   x2       

rubber feet x4  

M3 x 8mm black pozi-drive screws x8 

M4 x 6mm pozi-drive screw x4           

M3 x 6mm countersunk screws x12     

M4 x 6mm pozi-drive screw     x8       

M4 nut x8      

earth post x1   

couplier & rod x2


The following are the options available to you and have to be additionally purchased (prices exclude VAT)

transformers   option                         

Single Ended C-core TVC transformers x2                   £295.00 (pair)

Balanced C-core TVC transformers      x2                    £335.00  (pair)


Switch option                                             

Blue 2 pole 5 way selector switch x1 (SE version only)  £13.00

Blue 2 pole 24 way switch x1 (SE version only)            £17.50

Blue 4 pole 24 way switch x1 (Balanced version only)   £24.00                                               

Elma 2 pole 6 way selector switch (adjustable) x1  (SE version only)     £32.00

Elma 2 pole 24 way switch       x1 (SE version only)     £44.00

Elma 4 pole 24 way switch x1 (Balanced version only)  £108.00


Seiden 4 pole 6 way selector switch x1 (adjustable)  (both versions)      £58.00

Seiden 2 pole 23 way switch     x1 (SE version only)     £58.00

Seiden 4 pole 23 way switch     x1 (Balanced version only)        £95.00


wire & solder                                     

0.5mm diameter HGC pure silver wire (1m)      x12      all wiring (SE version)   £72.00

Mundorf 0.5mm 99%silver/1%gold wire (1m) x12 all wiring (SE version)        £95.40

only 4m needed for balanced version                                        

Mundorf silver solder 3.8% silver                      5m      



connectors + covers (quantites ? variable, max 9 RCA pairs, 7 XLR pairs)                                

Audio Note RCA sockets         £6.00 each      

Gold plated RCA socket          £1.50 each      

RCA dome plugs                 £0.30 each      

The chassis is drilled for 10mm dia. - the sockets above will fit. If you want to use any other RCA sockets as sold by hificollective, let us know and we will open up the holes for you.                                         

XLR sockets                £4.50 each      

XLR blanking panels plastic, with fittings           £0.90 each      

XLR blanking panels aluminium, with fittings      £2.50 each      

We sell male and female sockets, black and silver finish from Switchcraft          


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