Mundorf silver/gold wire, 0.5mm dia, SGW105 & SGW305

Mundorf silver/gold wire, 0.5mm dia, SGW105 & SGW305

Mundorf`s SGW105, 0.5mm silver/gold wire, composed of 99% silver and 1% gold, single-core wire. As used in their highly regarded interconnect and speaker cables. Also used in the Glasshouse cable kits.
The wire`s maximum rating is 250Vac and 1250Vdc. Available as bare wire or PTFE sleeved, coloured white or yellow - the overall diameter of sleeved wire is 0.75mm. No limit to length. Sold as a continuous length.

PRICE(1 metre)
PFTE sleeved WHITE: £18.20+vat+p&p
PFTE sleeved YELLOW: £18.20+vat+p&p
bare wire: £11.62+vat+p&p

Also available in 1mm and 1.5mm diameter. We also stock the Mundorf twist wire which consists of 3 twisted lengths of sheathed 0.5mm Mundorf wire. For more information on the 305SGW, please click HERE.

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