Mundorf Copper Foil, FOL.CU - 11.5mm, 17mm, 22mm, 28mm, 44mm & 70mm width

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Mundorf Copper Foil - 17mm, 28mm, 44mm & 70mm width

As used in Mundorf`s highly regarded copper foil inductors, we have all four widths of oxygen-free foils available for you to make your own interconnects and loudspeaker cables. Note well that the foil is un-insulated so you will need to insulate with tape or flat heatsink or cotton tubing. Can be used with our Cotton Tubing 10/11 (with foils up to 11.5mm in width), Cotton Tubing 20/22 (with foils up to 28mm in width), and 30/32 type. (with foils up to 44mm in width) . Click HERE

Sold as a continuous length in reels of 10 metres. If you require a length in excess of 10m continuous then please write this in the comments box when you place your order. There will be a 12-day dispatch for such an order.

PRICE 10m length
FOL.CU-11.5x0.07, 11.5mm width x 0.07mm thickness - £7.36+vat+p&p
FOL.CU-17x0.07, 17mm width x 0.07mm thickness - £8.85+vat+p&p
FOL.CU-22x0.07, 22mm width x 0.07mm thickness - £11.08+vat+p&p
FOL.CU-28x0.07, 28mm width x 0.07mm thickness - £14.71+vat+p&p
FOL.CU-44x0.07, 44mm width x 0.07mm thickness - £22.10+vat+p&p
FOL.CU-70x0.07, 70mm width x 0.07mm thickness - £29.67+vat+p&p
FOL.CU-70x0.15, 70mm width x 0.15mm thickness - £62.57+vat+p&p - DISCONTINUED


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