Mundorf Twaron Unicorn Tail Wadding

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Mundorf Twaron Unicorn Tail Wadding

Mundorf Silence Twaron® Unicorn Tail Wadding Material for Loudspeakers

The extremely thin synthetic TWARON fibers are cut in 60mm pieces and carded to the elastic and easy to use wadding mass as it is supplied. Unlike glass- and other synthetic fibers, TWARON conducts heat (caused by vibrations) very well and so absorbs the acoustic movement energy extremely well and in a very different way compared to all other known materials used for this purpose. Together with the choice of the correct length of the fibers and the right way to card it to a workable mass, the results are quite astonishing as noticed now by an increasing number of professionals in the audio community. Many like to see the frequency/damping behaviour as shown below, which is unlike all other known materials and working over the full audio band and easy to adjust by filling the box with the right amount of TWARON Angel Hair. TWARON® is an aramide fibre which is especially suited for the acoustic vaporisation of amplifier housings. Its excellent damping properties significantly increase the auditory spaciousness of music reproduction. TWARON® is a registered trademark of Taijin Aramid B.V. Arnhem (NL). Its inorganic origin prevents deterioration and mould formation. It is easy to work with, stays in place since it has the permanent attitude of expanding, so it will fill the space it is given.

The higher end versions - the Angel and Unicorn are more elastic and provide better performance. The Unicorn has longer fibres and is better suited to transmission designs.

For optimal cabinet insulation, just 3-5 grams are needed for 1 litre of volume.

Due to the large volume of this item, you may be asked to pay additional carriage costs.

Price 1 off 200g bag £48.15 + vat + P&P

Price 5 off 200g bag (total 1kg)  £172 + vat + P&P


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