Glasshouse B9A valve holder tag board

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Glasshouse B9A valve holder tag board

The perfect solution for mounting a stand alone B9A valve base in an enclosed chassis, providing links to the underside pins without having to turn the base over. Underside has copper earth plate. Can fit any valve base sold by hificollective. Dimensions 55mm x 55mm x 3.2mm, FR4 material used, providing a stable base. Can be purchased with or without valve bases, standoffs or turret tags.

PRICE 1off (with turret tags fitted)

PRICE 1off (without turret tags)

Glasshouse B9A valve holder, outlining valve base use with minimun standoff heights needed. Y - useable, N - not useable
valve base description code No. FIT FROM ABOVE FIT FROM BELOW
Audio Note B9A FFA VBASE-015 Y / 10mm N
Audio Note B9A FFB VBASE-015 N Y / 15mm
CMC Teflon B9A CMCT_B9A Y / 20mm Y / 25mm
CMC Ceramic B9A CMCC_B9A Y / 20mm Y / 25mm
CMC Bakelite B9A CMCB_B9A Y / 20mm Y / 25mm
ceramic, nickel B9A SK9CC22 Y / 15mm Y / 20mm
ceramic, gold B9A SK9CC22-G Y / 15mm Y / 20mm


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