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Sound Practices Magazine

Sound Practices magazine was at the forefront of the DIY market in the early nineties, published in Austin, USA it had a huge following and a great deal can be learnt form them now. It was created to "encourage audio experimentation and to promote the exchange of related information." With a heavy bent to valve hi-fi, horns & circuit diagrams galore SP is an excellent resource for home constructors. Although we have sold out of a lot of our hard copy issues. The whole collection is available in PDF format in the CD ROM.

The famous SOUND PRACTICES ARCHIVE CD contains ALL 16 issues of the legendary Audio DIY magazine, with extra bonus articles that never saw the ligh...

Sound Practices - Archive CD - Issues 1-16

KEY FEATURES: Horn loudspeaker examined, 300B SE design, Power cord construction discussed, 845 valve invetsigated, Understanding power transformer...

Sound Practices Issue 1

KEY FEATURES, 2A3 PSE amp design, Ongaku, 211 amp from Audio Note, wiring up on teflon boards, Brook amp, 2A3 SE amp design Understanding output tr...

Sound Practices: Vol.1: issue 02

KEY FEATURES, A superb valve pre-amp design, 6BX7GT troide PP amp, Passive crossovers, 6BM8 300V regulator, 5691, 5692 and 5693 examined, Kepco 815...

Sound Practices Issue 3

KEY FEATURES, SE 45 type amp, SE amp using the type 50 valve, The Garrard 301 and 401 examined, Details the type 45 valve, Valve phono and line pre...

Sound Practices - Vol.2 issue 1

KEY FEATURES, Welbourne Labs Laurel review, Affordable SE amps discussed, ORFEO 211A detailed, 2A3 PP amp design, 2A3 valve investigated, 211 amp d...

Sound Practices - Vol2: Issue 06

KEY FEATURES, 3 x 2A3 PSE amp, 300B SE circuits, Using old chokes, Viac VV30B review, ESL63s Horn LDSPKs

Sound Practices - Vol2, Issue 07

KEY FEATURES, construction of a horn loudspeaker, The Lowther-Voigt legacy, The Lowther Club discussed, 300B SE amplifier design, home constructed...

Sound Practices: Vol.2 issue 08

KEY FEATURES, all about J.C Verdier, Altec A5 speakers, Tube tracers, Audio Note NYC, Hardwiring Old time DIYer

Sound Practices - Vol.2 issue 11

KEY FEATURES, Audio Note Ankoru, Lowther loudspeakers, Make your own outputs,Type 50 tube, Measuring Harmonic distortion Tube Lore

Sound Practices -Vol.2 issue 12

KEY FEATURES, Nuance 845, Sakuma systems, Bugle 45 amp, SRPP investigated, type 76 pre-amp, Readers system

Sound Practices - Vol.2 issue 13

KEY FEATURES, Regulated PSU for 300B, HT AN phono pre-amp, All about Ampex, 2A3 PP amp, 6L6 PSE amp, SE 6FW5 amp

Sound Practices - Vol 2 issue 14

KEY FEATURES, 2A3 amp group test, Cool phono stage, 1626 SE amp, Altec 210 spks, OTL 6C33 amp VV-52B SE amp

Sound Practices - Vol.2 issue 15

KEY FEATURES, A 6A5 PP amp, A 45 PSE amp, monophone preamplifier, A type 10 line level pre-amp, EMT927 and EMT903 turntables 300Bs investigated

Sound Practices - Vol.2 issue 16

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