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Audio Amateur Inc is a niche publishing company that has been leading the field as the authority on build-it-yourself audio for over 30 years. Serving enthusiasts, audiophiles and industry professionals through publishing periodicals, directories and books.

A selection of issues from 2003-2007 avaliable.

The DR15A horn, Direct heaters discussed, CAD tricks fix for D2D-1, high Gm power tubes, Monarchy DIP upsampler

6 channel control, D970BX upgrade, JJs ECC99, optimising bass response, Inductive RIAA, Adire HE10.1 review, Behringer DSP8024

Small reflex TL, HP 339A upgrade, line stage design, low freq. in small rooms, Gadgets for DIYers, Dumax and Klippel measurements, constructing…

plasma tweeters, ESR meter projects, a 6AS7 circlotron amp, low cost phono pre, Seas Froy mk3, making a panel jig

SSP amplifier, Forte 1A amp update, low resistance meter, audio uses of transformers, headphone amp design, AK4363 and AK4364 explained

60W triode amp, 100W UL amp, SE headphone amp, Tube pre for PCs, Forte 1A pt 2, AK4358 explained

DR5 Horn, Line driven 300BSE, E182CC amp, PM48 comp amp, Opamps for everyone, Hybrid power amps

20W SE mosfet amp, Tube xovers, Centre channel speaker, ABCs of Filters, Phase inverter design, Strange 2 way design

Adcom`s GFP-565 upgrade, Slanted front speakers, Making rubber surround, Subwoofer, boosted triode connected amps, Onkyo DV-SP800

Adcom`s GFP-565 upgrade, Servo dual coil subs, Flared ports, Valve heaters, Restoring TKO 80, Weird 2 way

Single gain amps, AKO 80 Bass amp mod, RIAA pre-amp with tubes, Unorthodox 2-way spk design, The ABC of Filters, DACT CT 102 power supply review…

Adcom`s GFP-565 upgrade, Slanted speakers, Thorens TD 295 MKIII, DR250 Horn, Mosfet testing

Adcom`s GFP-565 upgrade, Slanted speakers, Rebuilding McIntosh MC2100, Low-mu preamp, Usher CP8871 review, Canto Sirena, part 2

A1 PPM IM analyzer, 8W 2E24 SE amp, Burn in generator, Slanted front speakers, Virtos noise wizard, Peter Walker

A mini SE amp, Disortion meter, Horn loaded sub, Tube audio construction, Alesis ML-9600 review, Super buffer

A1 PPM IM analyzer, 8W 2E24 SE amp, Burn in generator, Slanted front speakers, Virtos noise wizard, Peter Walker

Dipole midbass speaker, 35W & 60W UL control amp, KT88 hybrid amp, Vented 8" sub, DIY chassis tips, DACT CT 100 RIAA review

A HQ MM IC kit, Battery powered headphone amp, SE 6C33C amp, DIY transformer tips, Audio Interconects, Haynes Duophase 14W amp

Room correction, DR200 Horn, Dual amps for biamping, Tube/transistor tracer, Modifying Dynaco`s SCA-35, Selectronic Triphon Xover

12" voice coil sub, OTL mods, Filament & high volts power, Tube/transistor tracer, Room correction, Selectronic Grand Mos amp

Speaker Builder 201 review, Room correction, Audio-optical isolation amp, Tube tone control, 70W McIntosh amp, Current source amp & full-range…

Budget subwoofer, Double-dipole subwoofer, Why power tubes arc, Room correction, Pioneer DV-563A review, line stage preamp

H.V. differential amplifier, GFP-565 modified, Rebuilding Heath W-5M, Remaking Tang Band`s WS-881S, SE to differential mode made easy, D2Audio…

The Tuba 18 sub, Dutch tube circuits, The Kleinhorn, Noise meter amp, Passive pre-amp (transformers used), Test CD review

Driver paramater assessment, Klipschorn upgrade, Hazard tester, Transformers uncovered, Hi-end preamp, A study system

Jfet line amp, minimal amp design, current source xover filters, simple audio system, Hi-end preamp, MTM spk kit review

Hybrid headphone amp, SE power amp, TLA-Horn, simple audio system, fixing up a Fluke, Groove Mechanic 2.5c review, PartsXpress MTM kit

Triode 6336 PP amp, Filament distortion in triodes, Valve distortion explained, Tour of tube factory, Bypass capacitors, The Kleinhorn pt 2, DC-…

Triode 6336 PP amp, electrostatic ldspk basics, JFET phono, Pentode amp, stepped attenuators, Recycling valve parts, Cabinet diffraction, Smart…

electrostatic ldspk basics, JFET phono, PC protector for testing, coil winding, PC sound amp, Horn speaker monitor

Dynaco SCA 80, EMI filter, Speaker damping, Full bridge output amp, Speaker myths discussed, Editing software reviews

Subs for the Swans M1, Crowhursts twin-coupled amp, 2-stage amps upgraded, Microphone sound card, Fet class-A 75W amp, Phono switch answers, Test…

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