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AudioXpress Magazine

Audio Amateur Inc is a niche publishing company that has been leading the field as the authority on build-it-yourself audio for over 30 years. Serving enthusiasts, audiophiles and industry professionals through publishing periodicals, directories and books.

A selection of issues from 2003-2007 avaliable.

The DR15A horn, Direct heaters discussed, CAD tricks fix for D2D-1, high Gm power tubes, Monarchy DIP upsampler

audioXpress: January 2003, Vol.34, No.1

6 channel control, D970BX upgrade, JJs ECC99, optimising bass response, Inductive RIAA, Adire HE10.1 review, Behringer DSP8024

audioXpress: February 2003, vol.34, No.2

Small reflex TL, HP 339A upgrade, line stage design, low freq. in small rooms, Gadgets for DIYers, Dumax and Klippel measurements, constructing the...

audioXpress: March 2003, vol.34, No.2

plasma tweeters, ESR meter projects, a 6AS7 circlotron amp, low cost phono pre, Seas Froy mk3, making a panel jig

audioXpress: April 2003, vol.34, No.4

SSP amplifier, Forte 1A amp update, low resistance meter, audio uses of transformers, headphone amp design, AK4363 and AK4364 explained

audioXpress: May 2003, vol.34, No.5

60W triode amp, 100W UL amp, SE headphone amp, Tube pre for PCs, Forte 1A pt 2, AK4358 explained

audioXpress: June 2003, vol.34, No.6

DR5 Horn, Line driven 300BSE, E182CC amp, PM48 comp amp, Opamps for everyone, Hybrid power amps

audioXpress: July 2003, vol.34, No.7

20W SE mosfet amp, Tube xovers, Centre channel speaker, ABCs of Filters, Phase inverter design, Strange 2 way design

audioXpress: September 2003, vol.34, No.9

Single gain amps, AKO 80 Bass amp mod, RIAA pre-amp with tubes, Unorthodox 2-way spk design, The ABC of Filters, DACT CT 102 power supply review...

audioXpress: October 2003, vol.34, No.10

Adcom`s GFP-565 upgrade, Servo dual coil subs, Flared ports, Valve heaters, Restoring TKO 80, Weird 2 way

audioXpress: November 2003, vol.34, No.11

Adcom`s GFP-565 upgrade, Slanted front speakers, Making rubber surround, Subwoofer, boosted triode connected amps, Onkyo DV-SP800

audioXpress: December 2003, vol.34, No.12

Adcom`s GFP-565 upgrade, Slanted speakers, Thorens TD 295 MKIII, DR250 Horn, Mosfet testing

audioXpress: January 2004, vol.35, No.1

Adcom`s GFP-565 upgrade, Slanted speakers, Rebuilding McIntosh MC2100, Low-mu preamp, Usher CP8871 review, Canto Sirena, part 2

audioXpress: February 2004, vol.35, No.2

A1 PPM IM analyzer, 8W 2E24 SE amp, Burn in generator, Slanted front speakers, Virtos noise wizard, Peter Walker

audioXpress: March 2004, vol.35, No.3

A mini SE amp, Disortion meter, Horn loaded sub, Tube audio construction, Alesis ML-9600 review, Super buffer

audioXpress: April 2004, vol.35, No.4

A1 PPM IM analyzer, 8W 2E24 SE amp, Burn in generator, Slanted front speakers, Virtos noise wizard, Peter Walker

audioXpress: May 2004, vol.35, No.5

Dipole midbass speaker, 35W & 60W UL control amp, KT88 hybrid amp, Vented 8" sub, DIY chassis tips, DACT CT 100 RIAA review

audioXpress: June 2004, vol.35, No.6

A HQ MM IC kit, Battery powered headphone amp, SE 6C33C amp, DIY transformer tips, Audio Interconects, Haynes Duophase 14W amp

audioXpress: July 2004, vol.35, No.7

Room correction, DR200 Horn, Dual amps for biamping, Tube/transistor tracer, Modifying Dynaco`s SCA-35, Selectronic Triphon Xover

audioXpress: August 2004, vol.35, No.8

12" voice coil sub, OTL mods, Filament & high volts power, Tube/transistor tracer, Room correction, Selectronic Grand Mos amp

audioXpress: September 2004, vol.35, No.9

Speaker Builder 201 review, Room correction, Audio-optical isolation amp, Tube tone control, 70W McIntosh amp, Current source amp & full-range...

audioXpress: October 2004, vol.35, No.10

Budget subwoofer, Double-dipole subwoofer, Why power tubes arc, Room correction, Pioneer DV-563A review, line stage preamp

audioXpress: November 2004, vol.35, No.11

H.V. differential amplifier, GFP-565 modified, Rebuilding Heath W-5M, Remaking Tang Band`s WS-881S, SE to differential mode made easy, D2Audio Clas...

audioXpress: December 2004, vol.35, No.12

The Tuba 18 sub, Dutch tube circuits, The Kleinhorn, Noise meter amp, Passive pre-amp (transformers used), Test CD review

audioXpress: January 2005, vol.36, No.1

Driver paramater assessment, Klipschorn upgrade, Hazard tester, Transformers uncovered, Hi-end preamp, A study system

audioXpress: February 2005, vol.36, No.2

Jfet line amp, minimal amp design, current source xover filters, simple audio system, Hi-end preamp, MTM spk kit review

audioXpress: March 2005, vol.36, No.3

Hybrid headphone amp, SE power amp, TLA-Horn, simple audio system, fixing up a Fluke, Groove Mechanic 2.5c review, PartsXpress MTM kit

audioXpress: April 2005, vol.36, No.4

Triode 6336 PP amp, Filament distortion in triodes, Valve distortion explained, Tour of tube factory, Bypass capacitors, The Kleinhorn pt 2, DC-cou...

audioXpress: May 2005, vol.36, No.5

Triode 6336 PP amp, electrostatic ldspk basics, JFET phono, Pentode amp, stepped attenuators, Recycling valve parts, Cabinet diffraction, Smart Hom...

audioXpress: June 2005, vol.36, No.6

electrostatic ldspk basics, JFET phono, PC protector for testing, coil winding, PC sound amp, Horn speaker monitor

audioXpress: July 2005, vol.36, No.7

Dynaco SCA 80, EMI filter, Speaker damping, Full bridge output amp, Speaker myths discussed, Editing software reviews

audioXpress: August 2005, vol.36, No.8

Subs for the Swans M1, Crowhursts twin-coupled amp, 2-stage amps upgraded, Microphone sound card, Fet class-A 75W amp, Phono switch answers, Test e...

audioXpress: September 2005, vol.36, No.9

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