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Positive Feedback Magazine

An Oregon Triode Society publication who now have a huge web presence. These issues are pro-valve magazines, packed with serious equipment reviews, tweeks, designs and discussions on theories.

KEY TOPICS, The GAIN System, The Black Hole amp, Tube Fest, Sonic Frontiers DAC-1

Positive Feedback: Vol.5, No.3

KEY TOPICS, CES 1995, 6C33C revisited, DIY DAC, The Mach I acoustic reference

Positive Feedback: Vol.5, No.3

KEY TOPICS, The higher End, 6C33CB amp, DIy phono amp, The disadvantages of SE design

Positive Feedback: Vol.5, No.5

KEY TOPICS, Tube Testing, How to review the reviewer, Tube substitution for the 90s, Designers notes

Positive Feedback: Vol.6, No.1

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