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Positive Feedback: Vol.5, No.3

Positive Feedback: Vol.5, No.3


The Higher End by David W. Robinson

Reverberations: Our Readers Respond

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab: A Brief History, by the MFSL Staff

The GAIN System: A Discussion By Its Designers, by Nelson Pass flC Mike Moffat

The 1994 AES Convention: A Post Mortem, by Gabe Wiener

More On The 97th AES Convention by Don McLaughiin

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Critical Reception by Scott Dorsey

DIY Profile: The Sonic Frontiers Parts Catalog DAC-1 D/A Converter, by Bill Weigel

A Manufacturer's Response by Alex Crespi

How To Set Up And Use Edgar Horns by Eric Barbour 8C Steve Shepard

Great Couples In Audio by Martin DeWulf

The Black Hole Amplifier by Harvey Rosenberg

Under The Tech Bench by S.N. Seven

The Sweet Spot: MFSL, Audient, OCM, K Audio Alchemy, by Clay Swartz

The Soul of Sound: Looking Over My Shoulder, Part VI, by Lynn OIson

The N.E.W. A-20 Class A Stereo Amplifier by Lynn OIson

Further Notes On Single-Ended Designs by David Manley

Stu's Place: Tube Fest, Part I by Stu McCreary

Lightning Strikes Twice: The Vimak DT-800 Mk. II by Pat Hickman

Highly Biased Output: Of Hearing Tweaking 8C ReeI-to-Reel, by Jennifer Crock

From Gark Johnsen's Diary by dark Johnsen

The Audio File by John Pearsall

The Oregon Triode Society Directory Of Audiophile Group (Is Your Group There)

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  • The GAIN System
  • The Black Hole amp
  • Tube Fest
  • Sonic Frontiers DAC-1
  • A-20 Class A amp
  • Notes on SE designs
  • paperback
  • black and white print
  • 120 pages
  • 210mm x 270mm
  • 350g

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