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Positive Feedback: Vol.6, No.1

Positive Feedback: Vol.6, No.1


The Higher End by David W. Robinson

Reverberations: Our Readers Respond

Our Cover: dB and RB do Chesky Records, by Doug Blackburn and Rich Brkich

Positive Feedback Subscription/Renewal Form

Report From The Front: A Simple Matter of Synch ronicity, by Scott Frankland

Classical Music and the Decline of the Public Schools by Roger Hecht

Reprise on the RCA Reissues: Facing the Music!, by Roger Hecht

How to Review the Reviewers by Ernie Fisher

Critical Reception: More on Tubes...And a Test! by Scott Dorsey

Review: The Polyfusion Audio Model 940 Preamp and DAC Module by Stu McCreary

Review: The R.E. Designs LNPA 150 Monoblock Amplifiers by Mike McCall

Designer's Notes by Dan Banquer

The Advantages of the Single-Ended Topology: The Best Alternative, by Peter Qvortrup

And A Response to Peter Qvortrup by David Manley

Show Report: The Summer 1995 Specialty Audio ffC Home Theatre CES by Bob Sireno

Review: Highwire Power Wraps, And First Impressions of Marigo's Reference K Signature Cables by Tom Davis

The Sweet Spot: Tekna Sonic, JENA Labs...etc.!, by Clay Swartz

The Soul of Sound, Part VIII: Acoustical Perspectives, by Lynn Olson

Audio Tube Substitutions For The '90s, Part I by Scott Dorsey

From dark Johnsen's Diary: Live Radio, Shun Mook Clamps, Vibraplane, S Bliss, by dark johnsen

The Audiophile Collector: Chesky Records, by Brian Hartsell

The Vinyl Cheapskate: Film Music! ...And Hidden Wonders, by Roger S. Gordon, CPA

The Soundfield: Portable CD Players, Reissues Resonances, Digital vs.Vinyl, etc. by Mike Pappas

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The KUDOS Files Outstanding Recordings, Significant Designs, PART IV, by Ye Olde Editor

Price £7.00 +p&p


  • Tube Testing
  • How to review the reviewer
  • Tube substitution for the 90s
  • Designers notes
  • Advantages of SE topology
  • Vinyl cheapstakes
  • paperback
  • black and white print
  • 120 pages
  • 210mm x 270mm
  • 350g

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