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Positive Feedback: Vol.5, No.4

Positive Feedback: Vol.5, No.3


The Higher End by David W. Robinson

Reverberations: Our Readers Respond

CES 1995!, Part I: Music, Sound and Personalities, by Dave Glackin

CES, 1995!, Part II: An All Too Brief Sojourn In Gomorrahland, by Gerald Burt

CES, 1995!, Part III: Rick ec Lonnie Do WCES!, by Rick Rosen K Lonnie Brownell

CES, 1995!, Part IV: Mary's Party Report!, by Mary Cardas

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Critical Reception: The 6C33-B Revisited, by Scott Dorsey

Notes On The Edgar Horn by Ed Billeci

Planars: And The Man Who Loved Them, by John Meyer

DIY DAC Update by Sheldon Stokes

OUR COVER STORY: Chowkwanyun K Glackin Visit Sheffield Lab, by who else?

The Mach 1 Acoustics Reference D/A and The Resolution Audio Reference 20, by ]ohn Pearsall

The Sweet Spot: More AUDIT ac DT1 PRO; Enter The SHAKTI!, by Clay Swartz

The Soul of Sound: Looking Over My Shoulder, Part VI.5, by Lynn Olson

Stu's Place: Son Of Tube Fest!, by Stu McCreary

Highly Biased Output: ...Or When Is Red Tape Not A Problem?, by Jennifer Crock

Spin This Twisted Disc by Tyll Hertsens

From dark ]ohnsen's Diary: Four Letters And A Funereal, by dark johnsen

Records by Tom Port (hosting Brian Hartsell)

The Vinyl Cheapskate: Mahler's Symphony No. 2, "The Resurrection", by Roger S. Gordon, CPA

The Silver Disc: A Survey of Recent Budget CDs, by ]ohn Pearsall

The Audio File by John Pearsall

The Oregon Triode Society Directory Of Audiophile Groups (Is Your Group There?)

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  • CES 1995
  • 6C33C revisited
  • The Mach I acoustic reference
  • Notes on the Edgar horn
  • Tube Fest
  • paperback
  • black and white print
  • 120 pages
  • 210mm x 270mm
  • 350g

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