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Positive Feedback: Vol.5, No.5

Positive Feedback: Vol.5, No.5


Positive Feedback: Vol.5, No.5
The Higher End by David W. Robinson

Reverberations: Our Readers Respond

Don McLaughIin Talks To Keith Johnson by Don McLaughlin

Back To The Future Again: The 1995 Winter CES Show, by Don McLaughlin

Further Thoughts On The Dorsey 6C33CB Amplifier by Ralph Karsten

OUR COVER STORY, PART I The Magic Of Design And Synergy:The Wavestream V-8 Triode, by Scott Frankland

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Critical Reception: The Everest Re-Issues, by Scott Dorsey

The Disadvantages of Single Ended Designs And An Alternative, by David Manley

On Single Ended Systems or 3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds, by John Meyer

The Empire Strikes Back: The Benz Empire Scientific Cartridge, by Ray Chowkwanyun

The Joule Electra LA-200 Line Amplifier by Bob Sireno

Kennedy On Hardware: Feedback In Design - And A DIY Phono Amp! by Kevin Kennedy.

Better Look Out Mack! Elac Is Back! by John Pearsall

Desktop Audio! by Jack McMadd

Under The Tech Bench With Uncle Eric And CJ. by S.N. Seven

The Sweet Spot: Problems In The High End! by Clay Swartz

The Soul of Sound, Part VII: Questions From The Internet, by Lynn Olson

Stu's Place: The Merlin VSM Loudspeaker by Stu McCreary a Rich Brkich

From dark Johnsen's Diary: From LAX To Loss Vegas, or, "Buddy, Can You Spare A Pair Of Pants?" by dark Johnsen

The Audiophile Collector: More On RCA Vinyl, by Brian Hartsell

The Vinyl Cheapskate: Upgrading The ET II High Pressure Tonearm, by Roger S. Gordon, CPA K Bruce Thigpen

The Mysteries Of His System: A Prose Poem, by Barry Grant

The Audio File by John Pearsall

Transition by John Pearsall

The Oregon Triode Society Directory Of Audiophile Groups (Is Your Group There?!)

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The KUDOS Files: Outstanding Recordings, Significant Designs, I, by Ye Olde Editor

The Silver Disc: A Survey of Recent Budget CDs, by John Pearsall

Price £7.00 +p&p


  • The higher End
  • 6C33CB amp
  • DIy phono amp
  • The disadvantages of SE design
  • Upgrading the ET II
  • Audiophile collector
  • paperback
  • black and white print
  • 120 pages
  • 210mm x 270mm
  • 350g


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