Oyaide C-037 Rhodium/Silver IEC plug, C15

Oyaide C-037 Rhodium/Silver IEC plug, C15

The C-037 is a very high-quality rhodium-plated IEC connector for use with high-resolution music-playing systems.

The basic material is deoxidized phosphor bronze (1.4mm thick) for strength and secure contact. When connected, they can take over a 7kg load. The surface is thoroughly polished twice.

The manufacturing process is started from foundation coating. The material which was punched out as a part is polished by hand piece by piece after machined barrel-polishing.
The plating of the P-037/C-037 is a combination of silver and rhodium which were selected as a result of repeated listening tests. The inner silver layer is 1.5 microns thick and the outer rhodium layer is 0.3 microns thick.

30% glass-filled PBT has excellent machine-ability and provides superior electrical isolation. The highly rigid body of the P-037/C-037 effectively attenuates high-speed vibrations. All screws, which were originally designed for P/C series, are made of highly rigid stainless steel which is a non-magnetic substance. Moreover, the cable cannot be separated from the plug by a force less than 30kg, a significant safety feature.

Stainless screws
The screws of P/C series are all made of highly rigid stainless so its screw head doesn't collapse even if you give them too much strength. In addition, because it is a non-magnetic material, it helps to achieve high S/N ratio without being magnetized at its connection part.

Outer cover
The outer cover of P/C series is made of PC(PolyCarbonate) for its rigidity and hardness. It helps to attenuate tiny vibrations in quick response and reduce distortions by its superior mechanical strength.


  • Contacts made from deoxidised phosphor bronze 1.4mm thick
  • Two polishing processes are applied to the surface
  • 1.5-micron silver-plated layer
  • Rhodium-plated surface

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£85.00 + vat + p&p

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