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Elma 2 pole 6 way selector switch, 01-1264

Elma 2 pole 6 way selector switch, 01-1264 rear view

New from Elma is this amazing 2 pole 6 way selector switch, lower in cost than the popular 04-1264. Ideal for signal selection in pre-amplifiers or integrated amps. Non-shorting type with gold plated contacts. Solder eyelets for easy solderability. Rated at 2A 42Vdc. 8mm diameter chassis cutout required. Shaft is 4mm in diameter though we include a shaft adapter with each switch that increases the diameter to 6mm. Shaft adapter fits over shaft, position grub screw of the knob over the adapter and tighten - works a treat. Shaft length is 15mm. This switch has a low torc, 1.5Ncm, giving it a smooth, easy turning action (1.5Ncm). The body of the switch is labelled so the pins are easily identified for soldering up to your signal inputs and outputs.

The switch is easily converted into a 2 pole 2, 3, 4 or 5 way by fitting a stopper pin, click HERE for more information.


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