Vacuum Tube Valley Magazine

VTV is a high-quality quarterly publication devoted to the colorful past, present and future of vacuum tube audio electronics, featuring articles on modern and vintage vacuum tubes, transformers, capacitors and components, early vacuum tube technology, cl.

A selection of back issues avaliable.

Key Features, Guitar amplifiers, Tube Matching, Heathkit: early tube years, Magnum SE amplifier

KEY FEATURES, 6L6 history - diff. types, 6L6 sound review, HK Citation I and II, Tube manuals reviewed

KEY FEATURES , The Fisher 500, A Tribute to Avery Fisher, "Tube Lore" book review, Randall amplifier project

KEY FEATURES, 6JD8 investigated, 6JD8 listening test, Altec 1500 series investigated

KEY FEATURES, EL84s investigated, EL84s listening test, OTL design, 300B tube group listening test

KEY FEATURES, 211/845 SE design, 211/845 output trans. group test, 2C51/5670 tube investigated

KEY FEATURES, 6V6 story, 6V6 listening test, 6AV5 investigated, 35watt PP triode design

KEY FEATURES, the 6SN7 story, 6SN7 listening tes,t OTL headphone amp, design 6688 investigated

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