KLE Innovations Classic Harmony RCA Plug

KLE Innovations Classic Harmony RCA Plug (pk of 4)

The KLE Innovation Classic Harmony plug is the lower-cost version of their range of RCA plugs but offers a sterling performance. Easy to solder and would work very well with the likes of the Duelund copper in silk wires or the Jupiter range of wires.

The following are the improvements that KL (Keith Louis Eichmann) has made to the KLEI™Classic Harmony plug design when compared to his previous Eichmann Bullet plug design…

  1. Proprietary mathematical modelling optimises mass, thickness, and composition of the conductive pins to enhance electron flow, incorporated in accordance with KL’s proprietary Classic Signal/Ground formula, where extrapolated results are even >101% IACS.
  2. Signal/Ground pins are now much stronger and shaped like a tag, which makes soldering small/large/multiple wires, very easy.
  3. Signal/Ground Anti-Short shield has been added between the Signal/Ground solder tags.
  4. Signal/Ground pins are arranged to maintain a maximised distance from each other, and the utilised foil technology ensures that capacitive, inductive, and EMF effects are minimized.
  5. Head assembly jaw structure has been redesigned and mechanically improved, to allow an easy snap-like connection to an RCA socket, ensuring the ultimate connection with easy removal.
  6. Ground pin includes thread teeth to ensure that if a conductive housing is utilised, ie of metal or carbon fibre, it is star-point grounded.
  7. The housing assembly uses 2 screws to retain and secure the cable.
  8. Extremely high-temperature melting point thermoplastic polymer has been utilized.
  9. Recommendations: >125hrs Burn-in, Cable OD sizes from 4mm to 9.5mm.

Cable entry diameter
You can see from the "dis-assembled view" picture (see link below) that the plug comes with a detachable rubber grommet. This grommet sits at the cable entry end and has a hole of diameter 3.5mm. This can be removed giving an overall cable entry of 9.5mm.

Pack of 4 plugs, 2 marked white, 2 marked red (black KLE logo) - £45.00 + vat

Big Picture
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