KLE Innovations Perfect22 Harmony RCA Plug

KLE Innovations Perfect22 Harmony RCA Plug

KLEI's highest performing RCA plug, the Perfect Harmony RCA Plug, we believe, is a further evolution on the existing range.

The 22 is used to indicate 2022, the year of the official release. 

Perhaps, you can think of the KLEI Perfect Harmony RCA Plug like the TDA1541, TDA1541A, TDA1541A/S1 (single crown), TDA1541A/S2 (double crown) DAC Chipset (1985~1995).  Where the TDA1541A is slightly better sounding than the TDA1541 but the S1 and S2 versions are the best sounding, especially the S2 version. Much has been written about TDA1541/A DAC Chipset where this chip is held in extremely high regard, especially the carefully selected S1 & S2 versions.  

So perhaps, you can think of the KLEI Perfect Harmony RCA Plug just like the extremely highly regarded TDA1541A/S1 or TDA1541A/S2 (single/double crown – finely tuned TDA1541/TDA1541A).

The picture to the right shows the KLEI Perfect Harmony RCA Plug which has an orange KLE logo.


  • The ultimate Harmony RCA Plug design
  • Proprietary mathematical modelling is utilised to produce the Perfect Harmony’s ground to signal pin relationship, parameters, and determines the proprietary metallurgical processes that are used. Extrapolated: >101% IACS, even >105% IACS
  • Excellent for digital. 100% compatible with SPDIF standards
  • Glass-filled thermoplastic polymer body and collar
  • Tolerates high-temperature soldering required for high silver content solder
  • Single point grounding
  • Cable OD sizes from 4mm to 9.5mm. A small cable grommet and 2 screws are supplied to retain and secure the cable
  • Higher conductivity. Calculations indicate a progression in IACS percentage, in the series. Greater than that of Classic, Copper, Silver, or Pure Harmony RCA plugs, arguably an industry best.

 Recommendations: depending on the audio system…

  • Burn-in Time: >300hrs and even >500hrs
  • Cable OD: 4.0mm to 9.5mm

In Summary, KLEI’s Harmony RCA Plugs represent a further innovation and a totally refined approach to RCA connection.  Its innovations and refinements include:

  • The conductive pins incorporate highly conductive materials, such as copper and silver
  • KL’s proprietary mathematical modelling optimises mass, thickness, and composition of the conductive pins, resulting in enhanced electron flow
  • The conductive pins are arranged to maintain a consistent maximum distance from each other which further improves capacitive and inductive reactance effects and minimizes cross-talk EMF effects that occur in all other RCA plugs. This allows for significantly higher characteristic impedance, than conventional RCA plugs, and makes the Harmony RCA plug an ideal connector for digital Interconnects requiring RCA connectivity in either 50, 75, or 110 Ohm impedances and low jitter
  • The conductive pins are now much stronger and allow for small and large conductor wires to be soldered to them
  • Further rejection of the idea of using a formed metal collar to encircle the centre pin and serve as the reference to ground, which eliminates co-axial inductive reactances
  • Single point star grounding, instead, to eliminate eddy current distortions, capacitive and inductive reactance, and micro-arcing
  • The ground pin includes thread teeth to star ground a conductive Housing
  • Addition of an anti-short shield
  • The head assembly jaw structure has been redesigned and improved to allow an easy snap-like connection to an RCA socket, but still ensuring an ultimate connection
  • The housing assembly uses 2 screws to secure the cable sheath to the Harmony RCA plug housing
  • An extremely high-temperature melting point polymer, with excellent electrical and mechanical characteristics, has been used

PRICE (pack of 4, 2 white & 2 red)
£120.00 + vat + p&p

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