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Audio Note AN-CABLE-630, Lexus LX speaker cable

The famous Lexus LX 96 strand high purity 6N copper Litz speaker cable from Audio Note. Black outer sleeved containing 4 sleeved conductors, 2 red (send) and 2 white (return). Each conductor is made of 24 strands of copper - outer diameter 1.9mm, inner diameter 1.1mm. The outer diameter of the whole cable is 6.8mm.

Litz is composed of very fine strands of high purity copper wire insulated from each other with a fine polyurethane coating, then bundled to form a larger gauge wire. A solder bath is required to prepare the terminals for soldering.

Sold in multiples of 1 metre (mono, enough for one speaker), supplied in one continuous length.

PRICE, 1m length

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