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Audio Note AN-CABLE-850, AN-SPe silver speaker wire

Second in the range of the pure silver speaker cables from Audio Note. A single conductor composed of 19 strands of 99.999% litz silver speaker wire. Also known as the AN-SPe speaker cable. Overall diameter 4.75mm.

Litz is composed of very fine strands of high purity copper wire insulated from each other with a fine polyeurthane coating, then bundled to form a larger gauge wire. The varnish on each strand must be scrapped off before a good solder joint can be achieved. You can flatten the wire, then use a single edged razor blade held 85-90 degrees to "shave" the varnish off the wire. After removing most of the varnish, use a 40 watt solder iron and a bit of solder to burn off the rest. A scum will bubble up and harden after the wire cools off. A solder pot can also be used to burn the varnish off this is the better method.

Sold in multiples of 0.5 metre (single conductor), supplied in one continous length.

So for a 2m mono length (for one speaker) please order 8 off.

PRICE, 0.5m length

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