Jantzen Air Core Wire Coils

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Air Core Wire Coil

Jantzen air core wire inductors are made from high purity 4N copper wire. During the manufacturing process they are baked into a highly stable self supporting structure. The enamelled copper wire used is solderable and possesses a self-bonding topcoat, which bonds to the neighbouring wire. They are reasonably priced components and very popular with those constructors on a shoe-string.

They offer low tolerance at +/-3% and power handling dependent on the wire used, makes it the most versatile coil on the market

Please Note!

Due to the large range of Jantzen inductors we do not keep stock. We will order the same day we receive your order. So please allow approximately 21 working days for dispatch. If the value you require is not listed here, please order the next value up and specify in the comments box the exact value you require.


There are 11 wire sizes available with the following range of values:

29 AWG, wire diameter 0.3mm: 0.15mH to 10mH
26 AWG,  wire diameter 0.4mm: 0.03mH to 25mH
24 AWG, wire diameter 0.5mm: 0.1mH to 27mH
22 AWG, wire diameter 0.63mm: 0.1mH to 22mH
21 AWG, wire diameter 0.7mm: 0.047mH to 35mH
20 AWG, wire diameter 0.8mm: 0.01mH to 100mH
18 AWG, wire diameter 1mm: 0.068mH to 18mH
17 AWG, wire diameter 1.2mm: 0.1mH to 22mH
15 AWG, wire diameter 1.4mm: 0.01mH to 10mH
14 AWG, wire diameter 1.6mm: 0.01mH to 15mH
13 AWG, wire diameter 1.8mm: 0.01mH to 10mH

If your required value is not listed please order the closest value and write in the Order Comments box the exact value you require. The DCR cannot be modified.


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