Jantzen Wax Coils

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Jantzen Wax Coils

Foil inductors are incredibly popular with DIY audio enthusiasts. The WAX coils have been revived by Jantzen as a result of co-operation with another well known maker.

These air core inductors use 99.999% pure 4N copper foil, as used in their Cross coil inductors. The bare foil is insulated by a special 60μm thick quality paper. Once wound, each coil is impregnated with a polymolecular paraffin Wax, making the coil hard as a rock! This greatly reduces any vibrational disturbances on the coil providing an improved performance.

We have used these inductors in our systems and find them tremendously open and detailed. They are also available at a reasonable cost. Each coil is tested with Clio system.

Please Note!

Due to the large range of Jantzen inductors we do not keep stock. We will order the same day we receive your order. So please allow approximately 21 working days for dispatch. If the value you require is not listed here, please order the next value up and specify in the comments box the exact value you require.



There are 4 foil sizes available with the following range of values:

8 AWG, width 47 mm, thickness 0,18mm: 0.01mH to 12mH
12 AWG, width 47 mm, thickness 0,07 mm: 0.05mH to 12mH
14 AWG,  width 30 mm, thickness 0,07 mm: 0.027mH to 15mH
16 AWG, width 19 mm, thickness 0,07 mm: 0.05mH to 8.5mH


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