Jantzen C-Coil Toroidal Cores

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Jantzen C-Coil – Toroidal Core

C-Coil - Toroidal Core inductors are wound around a sandwich core. They have extremely low resistance and can shift a large amount of power without getting over heated.

The core is formed like a donut with a round cross-section, and it is wound from one long piece of laminated steel tape.
The surface of the core is epoxy coated to secure against short circuit even at a very high load.

We have tested the inductor with a carrying load of 1000 watts with success.
It can stand up to 700 watts for 48 hours continuous. We are very satisfied with the result.

The C-Coil is designed for the Bass section of a crossover and for passive sub-Woofers, numerous inductances and wire sizes are available.

They are wound using 4N copper wire.

You will see in the data sheet that there are different core sizes, these are denoted by R numbers, from 10 to 300. this allows the use of different wire thickness and also to allow layers of wire to achieve the required inductance. The bigger the core the higher the inductance value and power handling. Each core has an air gap which basically allows for the high power handling. Without the gap a R10 coil would only handle 10 watts, considerably more is achieved with the airgap.

The cores have a green epoxy cover and the small section with the gap is covered in green tape. All finished c-coils are delivered in a milky heat shrink foil to keep the windings in place and to help eliminate vibrations in the windings. We measure each c-coil while it is under production to make sure the values are within tolerance. Different customers have individual wishes for core and wire thickness, so basically they can make any c-coil that a customer wants as long as it is physically possible for audio purposes. So if your specification is not listed, please e-mail us your requirement.

Please note!

The C-Coil cannot be measured using a universal LC meter. Due to the characteristics of the core and winding method, it is important to use a professional RLC meter. We measure all C-Coils before shipping them using a professional RCL meter at AC 1 V 1 kHz.

The C-Coil is not recommended for any other use than on crossovers for passive loudspeakers, due to the toroidal cores strong output of electro magnetism. These coils are not suitable for installation in amplifers or active systems.

If your required value is not listed please order the closest value and write in the Order Comments box the exact value you require. The DCR cannot be modified. Please allow approx. 21 working days for dispatch.

For a guide on measuring C-Coils, please click  HERE



There are 5 wire thickness available with the following range of values:

17AWG, 1.2mm diameter: 2.7mH to 18mH
15AWG, 1.4mm diameter: 1.2mH to 20mH
14AWG, 1.6mm diameter: 0.82mH to 38mH
13AWG, 1.8mm diameter: 0.82mH to 22mH
12AWG, 2mm diameter: 1.5mH to 22mH


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