Jantzen Iron Core Coil with Discs

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Jantzen Iron Core Coil with Discs

The Jantzen range of Iron Core with Disc inductors offers a high inductance, low DC resistance, low cost solution for those seeking crossover coils for the bass section of their speakers. Built on a Permite core, using high purity 4N copper baked wire this small size inductor starts at values of 0.22mH all the way up to 1200mH.

If spacing is an issue and you have limited room then choose the iron core coils with disc over the standard iron core coils. The with disc version uses less copper and therefore is smaller in diameter to achieve the same inductance.

The discs version also lower the disruption area around the coil, which means that these coils can be mounted closer to each other, if spacing on the crossover is an issue.

Extremely low DC resistors that these coils offer does not alter driver damping factor and loss of efficiency. The Permite material provides significant lower hysteresis compared to coils with ferrite cores, at the same time delivering higher power handling than the ferrite ones. Power handling 400 watts RMS.

Please Note!

Due to the large range of Jantzen inductors we do not keep stock. We will order the same day we receive your order. So please allow approximately 21 working days for dispatch. If the value you require is not listed here, please order the next value up and specify in the comments box the exact value you require.


There are 11 wire sizes available with the following range of values:

29 AWG, wire diameter 0.3mm: 1mH to 40mH
26 AWG,  wire diameter 0.4mm: 15mH to 1200mH
24 AWG, wire diameter 0.5mm: 1mH to 40mH
22 AWG, wire diameter 0.63mm: 2.7mH to 240mH
21 AWG, wire diameter 0.7mm: 0.82mH to 220mH
20 AWG, wire diameter 0.8mm: 0.33mH to 56mH
18 AWG, wire diameter 1mm: 0.33mH to 33mH
17 AWG, wire diameter 1.2mm: 0.33mH to 15mH
15 AWG, wire diameter 1.4mm: 0.22mH to 15mH
14 AWG, wire diameter 1.6mm: 0.47mH to 15mH
13 AWG, wire diameter 1.8mm: 0.68mH to 3.3mH

If your required value is not listed please order the closest value and write in the Order Comments box the exact value you require. The DCR cannot be modified.

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