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Jantzen Royal Silver Coils

Jantzen Royal Silver Coil

Unfortunately the Royal Silver Coils are no longer available. As an alternative please see the Mundorf silver foil inductors, please click HERE

For those who spare no expense in their upgrades then the Royal Silver coil from Jantzen is for you. Their top specification air coil inductor constructed from pure silver foil, Ag 99.97%. The core centres are a hard wood cylinder forming the base for the wind. The silver foil is 16 AWG (1.33mm sq). A polypropylene film separates the windings.

Because of the very tight windings, we have achieved an extremely low magneto shrinking factor and virtually zero FM distortion. Jantzen Silver Coil is even closer to the "ideal inductor" compared to our famous Cross Coil made from copper foil.


We guarantee the tolerance +/-1 %. This product is designed for the very best high end loudspeaker systems. Jantzen Silver Foil Coil 16 gauge sustains 350 watts RMS.The foil measures 19mm in height x 0.07mm in thickness.


For special requests we can also offer Royal Silver Coil, wound on Teflon film.

Please Note!

Prices on Silver coils are determined by daily quoted silver prices. Please contact us regarding inquiries and coil values for this product.


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