CMC-838-S-AG Silver Plated, Short binding posts (Pair)

CMC-838-S-AG Silver Plated, Short binding posts (Pair)

New from CMC are these low cost, solderable silver-plated speaker posts. Will receive a banana plug through the top and 4.5mm diameter bare wire from the side.

The overall length is 42mm closed and 50mm fully extended, the external portion measures 23mm in length closed and 30mm open, maximum external diameter is 13.5mm.

11.5mm diameter chassis cutout is required. Washer diameter is 16mm.

If using spades or bare wire it features of having the added benefit of utilising a contact washer, so it does not rip wire strands or scratch the surface of the spade.

Sold in pairs, one with red insulation washers and top marker and one with black insulation washers and top marker.

PRICE per pair
£12.86 +vat+p&p

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