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CMC-858-L-AG Silver plated, long binding posts (Pair)

CMC-858-L-AG Silver plated, long speaker posts

Superb speaker posts from CMC. Thick silver plate over high copper content brass, non-magnetic.

The top hole fits a 4mm banana connector with a 5mm diameter side hole. Will receive spades from 5mm - 8mm openings.

The external part is clear PTFE insulated. Chassis insulation washers are coloured Teflon di-electric. Long internal shaft of 28mm, 2 nuts provided for each connector. 12mm chassis opening required.

CMC product number: CMC-858LAG.

Overall Dimensions: 19mm width x 64mm length

Sold in pairs, marked red & black.

PRICE (pair of)
£12.80 +vat+p&p

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