Neotech NES-5004: UP-OFC Copper Speaker Cable

Neotech NES-5004: UP-OFC Copper Speaker Cable

The NES-5004 is part of the entry-level speaker cables from Neotech. A two-conductor cable perfect for those wishing to make a reasonable cost cable. Made from UP-OFC Ultra-Pure Copper stranded conductors. Each conductor is made up of 7 x 1mm diameter multistrand bundles. All 7 bundles twisted together gives you a conductor of 2.6mm in diameter. Great for home theatre installations. A PVC sheath finish to the cable makes it extra tough and with added flexibility.

 The external diameter (one conductor) is 5mm. The width of both conductors attached together is 11mm. The 2 sheathed conductors can be easily pulled apart.

The NES-5004 is sold in 1-metre continuous lengths. to make 2m stereo speaker cables, 4m are required.

PRICE per 1m length
£4.75 +vat +p&p

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