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Neotech NES-3005 MKII: Multistrand Hybrid Speaker Cable (1m)

Neotech NES-3005 MKII: Multistrand Hybrid Speaker Cable (1m)

Neotech has long been a leader in producing wire and cable using "single crystal" UP-OCC Copper, developed by Professor Ohno of the China Institute of Technology in Japan. UP-OCC copper is at least 99.99998% pure, and has an average crystal size of 125 meters. Compare this to the average crystal size of Oxygen Free Copper, which is .02 meters (3/4"). UP-OCC copper and silver are considered the ultimate in copper and silver conductor technology today.

The Neotech NES-3005 MKII consists of 6 conductors, 3 red and 3 black, each conductor has an external diameter of 2.15mm and an inner of 1.15mm consisting of multi-stranded UP-OCC copper. Each conductor is made of the following combination; 2x 0.5mm, 6x 0.23mm and 32x 0.08mm diameter strands of copper, and silver-plated copper. The approx. guage of each conductor is 18 AWG.

The overall guage of positive and negative channel is 13AWG each.

Speaker wiring: One length is a mono length to drive one speaker. Connect all 3 black conductors for the negative and wire at each end with a suitable connector, similarly connect all 3 red conductors for the positive.

Outside Diameter: 12.5 mm

Supplied in continuous lengths of 1m, to make 2m stereo speaker cables, 4m are required.

PRICE, 1m length


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