Neotech NES-5001: UP-OFC Copper Speaker Cable

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Neotech NES-5001: UP-OFC Copper Speaker Cable

NES-5000 speaker cables are made with ultra-pure UP-OFC stranded conductors at an affordable price. This fine design series has been selected as Neotech's entry-level speaker cable; the tight strand & same distance pitch design is achieved using accurate calculation formulas of the Neotech team.

The NES-5001 contains 2 x 4mm² (11AWG) UP-OFC conductors with a total external diameter of 15mm, with each conductor consisting of 7 twisted strands.

Each conductor has PVC insulation, a cotton filling, a paper layer, and a PVC sheath. This ensures protection from interference and excellent signal conductivity.

This wire is also available in offcut lengths at a discounted amount here

PRICE per 1m length
£10.44 +vat +p&p


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