Neotech NES-3004 MKII: Multistrand Hybrid Speaker Cable

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Neotech NES-3004 MKII: Multistrand Hybrid Speaker Cable

The Neotech NES-3004 MKII consists of an outer blue PVC insulation, marked with the cable type and direction arrows, the overall diameter is 13mm. Central to the cable is a white PVC ventral cord around which are 8 conductors, 4 red and 4 black (PVC insulation), alternate colours as you go round. An additional 2 conductors than the NES-3005.

Each individual conductor is made from UP-OCC copper, each wire consists of a number of individual conductors that are a multi-size mix - the Hybrid design means that the conductors are a mix of pure UPOCC copper and silver-plated UPOCC copper strands.

The dimensions of one conductor (1 red or black conductor) are 3.5mm external diameter and 1.3mm (16awg) wire diameter. The overall size of the conductors (all red or all black conductors) is 11 AWG (2.3mm diameter). Due to the high AWG figure of each conductor, the cable could happily be used for bi-wiring.

The NES-3004 MKII is sold in 1-metre continuous lengths. to make 2m stereo speaker cables, 4m is required.

PRICE per 1m length
£68.00 +vat +p&p

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