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Neotech NES-3002: Multistrand Copper Speaker Cable

Neotech NES-3002: Multistrand Copper Speaker Cable (1m)

A high level of Neotech speaker cable, the NES-3002 cable is quite literally a pipe, with an external diameter of 23mm. The outer covering is a green expandable sleeving then a PVC covering and a non-woven fabric and embedded in polypropylene material are the 2 conductors, red and green. Each conductor is made up of 19 individually sheathed UP-OCC copper solid core stands, giving a combined diameter of 2.9mm, 9 AWG.

This cable offers an amazing range and an extremely powerful bass. The NES-3002 cable is sold in 1 metre continuous lengths. to make 2m stereo speaker cables, 4m are required.

PRICE, 1m length

Please note: This is now a discontinued line, please look at the NES-3001 as an alternative.


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