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Mundorf Air-core Copper Foil coils, CFC range

M-Coil CFC foil coils are wound layer by layer and are of particularly low-capacitance, even though their similarity to our foil wound capacitors would suggest otherwise. Their unique performance quality unites the
tonal virtues of OFC Copper foil with the clarity and precision generally typical for all air core coils, alongside the authenticity of a tightly cemented reel which is practically microphonic-free.

For High-End mid and high frequency applications, they are particularly distinguished by their 3D-like staging, their harmoniously dynamic vitality and detailed performance. If you want truly distortion-free but multifaceted and all-musical beauty, you may consider copper foil coils as first choice for your bass coils.

There are numerous foil coil types, the following is a summary:

CFC16 - foil width 17mm - equivalent to 1.23mm diameter round copper wire
CFC14 - foil width 28mm - equivalent to 1.58mm diameter round copper wire
CFC12 - foil width 44mm - equivalent to 1.98mm diameter round copper wire
CFC10 - foil width 70mm - equivalent to 2.5mm diameter round copper wire

Technical specifications:
Cu-Foil: 70 μ / OFC-Copper 99,99% pure
Insulation: Polypropylene 20 μ / central bore: 6 mm
Permissible ambient temperature: 85°C/185°F

Please note that due to the large range of values and types of Mundorf coils, they are made to order, so please allow 18 days for dispatch.


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