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Mundorf M-Coil silver/gold, LSG range

Mundorf M-Coil silver/gold, LSG range

MCoil SilverGold were specially developed for truly uncompromising audio applications desperate for an absolutely flawless, holographic music performance with maximum neutrality and an unequalled range of vivid, subtle timbres and signal details.

They unite the air coil typical beauty and authenticity in Performance with the 3D-like staging and the virtually microphonic-free properties of a coil reel alongside the utmost precise detailing and unprecedented range of vivid timbres performed by the massive PTFE insulated silver gold wire.

LSG50 - wire Ø 0.50mm
LSG100 - wire Ø 1.00mm
LSG150 - wire Ø 1.50mm

Technical specifications:
Coil form: PA, fibre-glass reinforced
Coil body heat resistant up to max. 230°C/446°F
Insulation: PTFE
Purity of silver: min. 99.97% typ. 99.99%
Purity of gold: min. 99.97% typ. 99.99%
Mixture ratio: 99% Silver / 1% Gold

Please note that due to the large range of values and types of Mundorf coils, they are made to order, so please allow 18 days for dispatch.


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