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Mundorf FERON-core Transformer core coils, T range

Mundorf FERON-core Transformer core coils, T range

MCoil’s transformer-core coils combine both lowest distortion rate and precise pulse signal with low internal resistance, even under highest output levels.Therefore they have been the benchmark for extremely precise and powerful but deep bass performance for more than 25 years!

We are very pleased to present a completely revised and expanded model series, now meeting frequent customer requests for smaller dimensions, too.

The outstanding features of this series can be considerably enhanced yet by the appliance of Baked Wiring Treatment or Vacuum Impregnation. Baked Wiring Treatment is marked BT in the following table. Vacuum impregnated coils are marked VT.

BT100 - wire Ø 1mm (baked varnished)
BT125 - wire Ø 1.25mm (baked varnished)
BT140 - wire Ø 1.4mm (baked varnished)
BT180 - wire Ø 1.8mm (baked varnished)
T200 - wire Ø 2mm
T235 - wire Ø 2.5mm (replaces T250)
T250 - wire Ø 2.5mm
T300 - wire Ø 3mm
T390 - wire Ø 3.9mm
VT200 - wire Ø 2mm (vacuum impregnated)
VT236 - wire Ø 2.5mm (vacuum impregnated) (replaces VT250)
VT250 - wire Ø 2.5mm (vacuum impregnated)
VT300 - wire Ø 3mm (vacuum impregnated)
VT390 - wire Ø 3.9mm (vacuum impregnated)

Technical specifications:
Core material: FERON
Grain-oriented silicon iron 0.35 mm
OFC-Copper 99.99% pure
Coil form: PA, fibre-glass reinforced

Please note that due to the large range of values and types of Mundorf coils, they are made to order, so please allow 18 days for dispatch


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