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Mundorf Air-core coils M-Coil, L, BL & VL range

Mundorf Air-core coils M-Coil, L, BL & VL range

Air-core coils are, for physical reasons, unbeatable as far as accurate pulse reproduction and freedom from distortion are concerned. For this reason, for all the purists, we stock air-cored coils with wire diameters of up to 3.0mm. It is also possible in this way to create greater inductances with relatively low internal resistance without huge expenses. the following tables provide the specification of the 8 types of air-coil coils, the difference being the diameter of the wire.

L50 - wire Ø 0.5mm
L71 - wire Ø 0.71mm
L100 - wire Ø 1mm
L125 - wire Ø 1.25mm
L140 - wire Ø 1.4mm
L180 - wire Ø 1.8mm
L200 - wire Ø 2mm
L236 - wire Ø 2.36mm
L250 - wire Ø 2.5mm
L300 - wire Ø 3mm

Also available are the "Baked Varnished" range of air-cores, termed "M-Coil BV". To read about the amazing benefits of baked varnish, click HERE!

BL71 - wire Ø 0.71mm
BL100 - wire Ø 1mm
BL125 - wire Ø 1mm
BL140 - wire Ø 1.4mm
BL180 - wire Ø 1.8mm

For the larger diameter wire coils where the baked varnish is not an option, Mundorf will "vacuum impregnate" your coils for an additional charge of £11.30 + vat. per coil. You can select this treatment to be applied to your coils when you make your order. Click HERE! to find out more. Please allow 3/4 days extra for this service as the process is done off location.

VL200 - wire Ø 2mm
VL236 - wire Ø 2.36mm
VL250 - wire Ø 2.5mm
VL300 - wire Ø 3mm
VL390 - wire Ø 3.9mm

Technical Specifications

  • Wire: Oxygen-Free Copper 99.99% copper content
  • Coil former: PA, fibre-glass reinforced

Please note that due to the large range of values and types of Mundorf coils, they are made to order, so please allow 18 days for dispatch.

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