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Mundorf Ferrit-core M-Coil drum-core, H range

Mundorf Ferrit-core M-Coil drum-core, H range

MCoil Drum-Core coils made from oxygen free copper (OFC) round-wire have been developed for mid, low and parallel applications for which compact dimensions, a low basic distortion level as well as the lowest possible internal resistance and a reasonable value for money ratio are of key importance.

The tonal quality of these coils is a convincing blend of the typical harmoniously-neutral sound of solid core copper round-wire and the natural vitality and enhanced tonal dynamic of HP3616.

H50 - wire Ø 0.5mm
H71 - wire Ø 0.71mm
H100 - wire Ø 1.00mm
H112 - wire Ø 1.12mm (only 8.2mH)
H125 - wire Ø 1.25mm
H132 - wire Ø 1.32mm (only 5.6mH)
H140 - wire Ø 1.40mm
H180 - wire Ø 1.80mm

Also available are the "Baked Varnished" range of the M-Coil drum-core Ferrit-cores, termed the "BH range". To read about the amazing benefits of baked varnish, click HERE!

BH71 - wire Ø 0.71mm
BH100 - wire Ø 1.00mm
BH112 - wire Ø 1.12mm (only 8.2mH)
BH125 - wire Ø 1.25mm
BH132 - wire Ø 1.32mm (only 5.6mH)
BH140 - wire Ø 1.40mm
BH180 - wire Ø 1.80mm

Technical specifications:
Core material: HP 3616
OFC-Copper 99.99%

Please note that due to the large range of values and types of Mundorf coils, they are made to order, so please allow 18 days for dispatch.


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