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Mundorf Air-core Hepta Strand Coils, LL range

Mundorf Air-core Hepta Strand Coils, LL60 range

MCoil Hepta Strand coils unite the tonal clarity, beauty and distortion-free performance of air core coils with the stereophonic spaciousness of tightly-wound coils, alongside the harmonious-warmth and splendid brightness of strand copper wire.
They are therefore the first choice for high quality high and mid frequency applications which focus on a finely detailed, utmost refined musical fidelity performed within a truly holographic life-like staging.

Using a strand of seven self-bonding wires markedly enlarges the wire surface compared to that of a round wire coil from solid material. This results in better conductivity (skin effect) with higher frequency. Indeed with these coils, the ratio between wire diameter and wire surface area is not as beneficial as that of foil coils, but on the other hand with stranded wire, it is much easier to create precise reel forms. Self-bonding wires and coil shells together form a reel of high mechanical stability and stillness.

LL45 - litz wire 7 strands of  Ø 0.45 mm, baked varnish. Overall cross-section 1,11 mm²,  round wire Ø 1.19 mm
LL60 - litz wire 7 strands of  Ø 0.60 mm, baked varnish. Overall cross-section 1,98 mm²,  round wire Ø 1.59 mm

Technical specifications:
OFC-Copper 99.99%
Coil form: PA, fibre-glass reinforced
Coil body heat resistant up to max. 230°C/446°F

Please note that due to the large range of values and types of Mundorf coils, they are made to order, so please allow 18 days for dispatch.


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