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Mundorf FERON-core I-core Zero Ohm coils, N range

Our Zero Ohm Coil (ZOC) not only is a remarkable milestone in our +25 years lasting company history but certainly a true milestone within the field of audiophile coil technology in general, too. As back then, today, the ZOC is still to set the standards for the utmost musical fi delity in all respects considering a convincingly performed low frequency spectrum in
subtle colouration.

They were specially developed for low frequency applications for which maximum performance fidelity, tonal neutrality and the smallest possible internal resistance are of primary importance. That way, these coils also enable the high efficiency of today’s High End loudspeakers to be optimally enhanced, even with low-output single-ended tube applications.
Moreover, we are pleased to present a completely revised and expanded model series, which now meets numerous customer requests for smaller dimensions, too.

The excellent qualities of the N series with its transparency and musical authenticity can yet be further enhanced by applying Baked Wire Treatment. Same applies for vacuum impregnated ZOCs made from copper round wires with larger conductor cross sections.

Some of the coils of this type (BN types) are produced from baked varnish wire. To read about the amazing benefits of baked varnish, Click HERE! For the larger diameter wire inductors, vacuum impregnated is an option.

BN100 - wire Ø 1mm (baked varnished)
BN125 - wire Ø 1.25mm (baked varnished)
BN140 - wire Ø 1.4mm
N236 - wire Ø 2.36mm
N250 - wire Ø 2.5mm
N300 - wire Ø 3mm
N390 - wire Ø 3.9mm
VN236 - wire Ø 2.36mm (vacuum impregnated)
VN250 - wire Ø 2.5mm (vacuum impregnated)
VN300 - wire Ø 3mm (vacuum impregnated)
VN390 - wire Ø 3.9mm (vacuum impregnated)

Technical specifications:
Core material: FERON
Grain-oriented silicon iron 0.35 mm
OFC-Copper 99.99% pure

Please note that due to the large range of values and types of Mundorf coils, they are made to order, so please allow 18 days for dispatch.


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