Claritycap TC, 4 Terminal PSU Capacitors

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Claritycap TC 4 terminal range of PSU Polypropylene Capacitors

The TC 4 terminal range, takes the standard 2 terminal TC capacitors to a new level. Many electrolytic manufacturers recognise the limitations that 2 terminal capacitors have so they employ the 4 terminal arrangement to improve the basic circuit performance. Clarity Cap have applied the same principles to their TC range so a double benefit of a compact polypropylene with 4 terminals.

With a 4 terminal arrangement the current supplied to the circuit after the power supply has to pass through the capacitor leads and the end spray of the capacitor. The additional small resistance and inductance of the Vin and Vout capacitor leads and end spray act as a 4 filters to high frequency noise ensuring a cleaner voltage rail to the circuitry beyond. Please refer to the datasheet for a more detailed explaination. 

All TC capacitors are unpolarised, for 4 terminal capacitors the leads can be indentified as follows. Please pay careful attention to the diagram below: Wide lead spacing A, separates positive and negative terminals. Narrow lead spacing B, indicates Kelvin leads of the same polarity for separation of input and output current. If you have any confusion please contact us before using them. 


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