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Glasshouse Interconnect Cable No.7

Glasshouse Interconnect Cable No.7

Expanding on our range of Glasshouse interconnect, here we have No.7, using the amazing multistrand STDST-24, Neotech UP-OCC silver wire, 7/0.2mm in teflon in a 4 weave arrangement, whereby you have 2 wires for the eath and 2 for the signal. Terminated with the silver plated CON-310 and 311 RCA plugs from Audio Note.

Contents: (for a pair of 1m cables)

Neotech STDST-24 UP-OCC silver wire x 8m
Audio Note RCA's (CON-310/311) 2x Red, 2x Black
Mundorf 3.8% silver solder 0.5m
Suitable lengths of black and red heat shrink

Avaliable in various lengths.
Price From:
£172.15 +vat+p&p


Big Picture: 

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