Glasshouse Interconnect Cable No.8

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Glasshouse Interconnect Cable No.8

This kit brings together Neotech's NEI-3004 Screened interconnect cable and DG-202 RCA plugs to produce a high quality interconnect cable at a very reasonable cost. Mundorf Supreme 3.8% silver/gold solder is also provided.

NEI-3004 is a twisted pair, balanced type cable for improved noise rejection. UP-OCC copper conductors & Polyethylene insulation produce a very balanced and natural sound. This cable uses Al-Mylar & OFC braid for external shielding.
For more information on this wire please click HERE.

For more information on Neotech DG-202 RCA plugs please click HERE.

RCA wiring:

RCA Plug at the pre-amplifier end: screen + blue conductor to RCA earth. Red conductor to RCA signal.

RCA Plug at the amplifier end: blue conductor - RCA earth (screen cut short, not connected). Red conductor to RCA signal.

Available in various lengths. SOLD AS A KIT ONLY

Contents:(for a pair of 0.5m cables)

  • 1m x Neotech NEI-3004: Copper Interconnect Cable 
  • 1 x Neotech OFC Gold Plated RCA Plug DG-202 (pk of 4)
  • 0.5m x Mundorf 3.8% silver/gold solder

From - £67.66+vat+p&p

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