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Glasshouse Interconnect Cable Kit No.10

Glasshouse Interconnect Cable Kit No.10

Following the runaway success of Duelund's new tinned copper wire, we have put together a very simple but very good interconnect kit featuring these two excellent performers:

The Duelund DCA16GA – A wire born of the desire to improve upon legendary vintage Western Electric WE16GA cable, but using Duelund's philosophy of uncompromising craftsmanship and construction, sonic splendour, palpability and transparency.

This Interconnect cable has a wonderful natural tone, is well balanced and makes for very easy listening. This review was for the ETI Research Link RCA Copper Plugs.

To read the Positive Feedback review of the new Duelund wire, please click HERE


  1. First cut your length of wire in to 4 equal lengths, and strip the ends by 4mm and tin with a small amount of solder.
  2. Separate all of the RCA plugs, loosen the grub screws and fit the grommets, then gently tighten the screws again.
  3. Lightly twist the wires in pairs to form each cable. 
  4. Slide one black RCA rear section over one pair and then solder the wires to the Eichmann bullet plug. Try and get the wires to contact the pins on the plug before you start soldering so that your not pushing the wire onto the pin with the iron, as they will tend to move away again when the iron is moved away but the solder is still molten. 
  5. Mark the other end with a small piece of blue heatshink, this will mark the directionality for future reference. 
  6. Check which wire is which with a meter, then solder on the other plug. (slide the rear section of the case over the wire before you solder the wires - often overlooked)
  7. Repeat the process for the red Bullet plugs on the other twisted pair, again marking one end with blue heatshrink.
  8. It is always good practice to check your soldering and channels for continuity with a multi-meter before using a cable – even if it seems obvious.

Available from 0.5m pair to 2m pair, supplied as a kit or finished cables (+£20.00)

Please note there are 4 choices for the RCA plugs:

Switchcraft black shell, gold plated phono plgs
ETI Research Link Copper RCAs
Duelund RCA Plugs, Gold Plated
Duelund RCA Plugs, Rhodium Plated

The following list is content for a 1 metre pair, featuring the Swithcraft black shell, gold plated phono plug version.

4m Duelund DCA16GA tinned copper multistrand wire in cotton and oil
4x Swithcraft black shell, gold plated phono plug + 10cm x 12.7mm heatshrink (red and black)
1m Mundorf 3.8% silver/gold solder
5cm 4.8mm blue heatshrink

Price for a stereo pair (from)
£38.06 +vat +p&p

Picture shows the Cable Kit fitted with the ETI Research Link RCA Copper plugs.


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