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Building on the success of their high end range of MR capacitors, Clarity Cap have launched the all new CMR range...

New ClarityCap CMR Range

Popular among guitarists, these offer a similar sound signature to the highly regarded Astron and Mustard capacitors.

SoZo NextGen Capacitors

Made with kraft paper, tin foil and wax, "Reds" produce an early '50s growl with lots of character - smooth highs and lows with aggressive and complex mids.

Fender Pure Vintage Red Capacitors

We have invested in huge stocks of cotton sleeving, larger sizes also now available...

Cotton Sleeving Back In Stock

8uF+8uF, 16uF+16uF and 32uF+32uF all rated at 500v are now available from Ruby Gold Cap...

3 New values of Ruby Gold Cap

Duelund`s version 3.0 is a flat annealed pure 99.999% silver ribbon with a sheath of silk and oil with a high affinity for moisture.

Duelund Silver Wire - Version 3.0

These have ultra stable resistors, a higher slew rate and are 3x faster giving improved resolution.

New Special Edition Op-Amps

Kit No.9 combines two great components, the superb DNM design interconnect cable and Eichmann’s famous Copper Bullet RCA plugs...

Glasshouse Interconnect Cable Kit No.9

Audio Note`s new Isis LX 168 Reference Copper Litz cable is easily terminated using a solder bath

Terminating Litz Cables

Mundorf`s AMT (Air Motion Transformer) range of highly durable ribbon tweeters are now available...

Mundorf AMT Tweeters

To celebrate the arrival of the new Audio Note non-magnetic 0.5W resistors, Glasshouse have created this top specification shunt stepped attenuator featuring the 23 step Sieden switches.

0.5W Audio Note Non-Magnetic Stepped Attenuator

Mains on-off, wide bodied DPST rocker switch, black and illuminating red now available... 

New Switches In Stock

10000uF & 22000uF 100V KG Gold Tune and 10000uF 100V KG Super Through now in stock...

Nichicon KG - 3 New Values

Here we have a fabulous single ended amplifier home built by Barry in the UK. Shown here is his second version of the famous 

Loftin White based 45's

We are pleased to be able to share with you a sneak preview of our first high efficiency speaker kit undergoing testing! This will be a two-way, front-ported cabinet designed by John Bryant, featuring a ScanSpeak tweeter and Volt woofer. We are looking forward to our first listen in the next few...

Speaker Kit In Testing

All new Jupiter VT 100V Aluminium Foil Wax paper caps are replacing their range of flat stack capacitors...

New Jupiter VT Round Capacitors

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