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Jantzen Alumen Z-Cap

Jantzen Alumen Z-Cap

The Alumen Z-Cap is the newest adition to the Jantzen Audio line of Capacitors.

The Alumen Z-Cap has been especially designed for the tweeter and mid-section of your crossovers.

The improved transparency performance of this new cap is on the same high level as our SilverGold Z-Cap, but with a slightly softer tonal presence and less  brightness / sheene / glare in comparison.

The Alumen Z-Cap will offer a more “neutral” presentation in the overall sound in certain crossover designs, and by “neutral” we refer to the focus will be shifted from what can be a somewhat overemphasized brightness from a Super PP cap, being replaced with a more even balance between the depth of the midrange and the presence of the tweeter.

Jantzen use a high tension machine to wind all their capacitors, thus producing very tightly wound capacitors. As a result they offer incredibly low inner vibration and keep micophony as low as possible. They have a tolerance of 3% and have high grade copper leadouts. The finish is a flame-retardant tape wrap, and the end of the caps are resin sealed to protect against humidity. Another key feature is, they do not need pre-aging, so no lengthy burn-in required.

All Jantzen Z-caps and Cross-Caps are non-polarized; so do not have a specific installation direction.

Available in 1uF, 1.5uF, 2.2uF,  2.7uF, 3.3uF, 3.9uF, 4.7uF, 5.6uF, 6.8 μF,  8.2 μF and 10uF

New values 1uF, 1.5uF and 10uF



  • Pure aluminum foil with PP dielectric insulation
  • Voltage rating: 100 VDC
  • Capacitance tolerance : +/- 3% centered on nominal value
  • Temperature range: -30C to +85C
  • Extremely low ESR and SEL
  • Non inductive construction
  • Terminal leads are made from PCOCC copper (oxygen free)
  • Dissipation factor: .0001


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