Jantzen MKT Z-Cap Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors

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Jantzen MKT Z-Cap Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors

The Jantzen MKT Z-caps are made with the highest quality metalized polyester film possible. They have much longer longevity and better sonic properties than electrolytic capacitors.

When using metalized PP foil capacitors as an upgrade alternative to using electrolytic capacitors for high value positions on crossovers is not possible due to their size, the MKT Z-caps are a viable alternative.

Usually, MKT capacitors are offered with a 160-volt DC rating, but by using a thinner dielectric insulation (100 volts DC rating), Jantzen were able to make them smaller in size.

Due to their shape, they can be stacked more easily when being coupled in parallel and will take up significantly less space when compared to equivalent values of Cross Caps.


  • Capacitor foil: Metalized polyester foil Dielectric insulation: Polyester foil
  • Terminal leads: Tinned 4N copper wire Voltage rating: 100 VDC / 63 VAC
  • Capacity tolerance: +/- 5%
  • Dielectric constant: Non-polar dielectric
  • Dissipation factor: Extremely low
  • Dielectric absorption factor: <0.5% @20°C
  • Dielectric thickness: PB=5μm
  • Equivalent series resistance (ESR): Extremely low
  • Self-inductance: <15 nH
  • Insulation resistance: >5000 MΩx μF 10000 min Temperature coefficient: -200°Cx10 ̄6/°C
  • Temperature Range: -55°Cto + 125°C
  • Metal layer thickness: PB=0.3 μm
  • Metal layer conductivity: PB = 1.2 Ω/ cm2
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