Jantzen Amber Z-Cap Copper Foil Capacitors

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Jantzen Amber Z-Cap Copper Foil Capacitors

The Amber Z-Caps were specially designed for the tweeter section of crossovers for passive hi-fi speakers. They are also excellent for mid-range application, but due to the price-point, Alumen Z-Caps will often be a better choice from a price versus performance perspective.

Compared to the Alumen Z-Caps, the Amber Z-Cap will offer an even more “neutral” presentation in the overall sound in certain crossover designs, and by “neutral” we refer to the focus will be shifted from what can be a somewhat overemphasised brightness from a Super PP cap, being replaced with an evener balance between the depth of the midrange and the presence of the tweeter.

Due to the lower voltage rating, we advise customers to be mindful when using Amber & Alumen Z-Caps for tube and power amplifier application. For upgrading the coupling capacitors in amplifiers, we instead recommend choosing our Superior or Silver Z-Caps (Double-foil Super MKP capacitors).

Amber Z-Cap is a non-polarized capacitor. The signal path can be in either direction without changing the sound or performance.

Available in 1uF, 1.5uF, 2.2uF,  2.7uF, 3.3uF, 3.9uF, 4.7uF, 5.6uF, 6.8 uF and 8.2 uF

All Jantzen Caps are lead-free and RoHS compliant.

To read the Review by Mr Troels Gravesen, click HERE.


  • An extremely fast-reacting capacitor
  • Ultra-thin dielectric insulation to eliminate memory effect in the capacitor
  • Very low ESR, SEL, inductance, and dielectric absorption data
  • High-quality pure copper foil wound with highly specialised machinery and precision winding techniques
  • The centre of the capacitor is enforced by small steel balls to further ensure stability and shape of the capacitor
  • The specialised winding technique and overall quality of this capacitor enables us to offer a high-end product with a lot less distortion compared to the market standard
  • Specifically designed for the tweeter and mid-range section of passive crossovers
  • Can also be used as coupling capacitors for transistor amplifiers
  • Capacitance tolerance is +/- 3%
  • Capacitor foil: 99.99% purity cold-rolled copper foil
  • Dielectric insulation film: Polypropylene
  • Voltage rating: 200 VDC / 130 VAC
  • Capacitance tolerance: +/- 3% (on nominal value)
  • Temperature range: - 30C to + 85C
  • Extremely low ESR and SEL data
  • Non inductive construction
  • Terminal leads: Pure PCOCC grade copper
  • Dissipation factor: .0001
  • Signal direction: None (non-polarised capacitor)
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