Jantzen eLeCap 5% Electrolytic Bipolar Capacitors

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Jantzen eLeCap 5% Electrolytic Bipolar Capacitors

The Jantzen bipolar eLeCap 5%, is a standard-type aluminium electrolytic capacitor, using etched or “raw” foil.

With a low tolerance of only +/- 5% on capacitance, it is a more precise capacitor than most other standard-type electrolytic capacitors that usually have a tolerance of +/-10% on capacitance.

Being both price friendly and versatile, this capacitor is both a sensible choice for bass section application, but also when there is limited space on other sections of the crossover.

All Jantzen Caps are lead-free and RoHS compliant.

  • Capacitor foil: Aluminum electrolytic / metal oxide layer • Voltage rating: 100 VDC / 35 VAC
  • Capacitance tolerance: +/- 5% (on nominal value)
  • Capacitance change rate: Less than +/- 20%
  • Temperature range: - 40C to + 85C
  • Leakage current: < 0.003 CRUR (μA) /120S operation
  • Dissipation factor: @1 KHZ, tgδ: Less than 200% of set value / @1 KHZ: less than 0.10
  • Signal direction: Non-polarized (bi-polar capacitor)
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