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Neotech NEP-3002 MKIII UP-OCC Hybrid Mains Cable

Neotech NEP-3002 MKIII UP-OCC Hybrid Mains Cable

NEP-series power cord cables use world-patented UP-OCC Technology Silver & Copper conductors, and has "UL" approved CL3 PVC inner insulation. Neotech NEP-series provides powerful current for the Hi-end system with high quality sound reproduction and better dynamics.

This cable is made up of 3 conductors (11AWG) each CL3 PVC insulated coloured red, black or green. Each conductor is multistrand UP-OCC copper & UP-OCC multistrand silver plated copper with an diameter of 2.7mm and an overall diameter of 4.5mm with insulation. The inner core of the cable is padded with cotton fibre. The core is covered with mylar fibre and then a tinned OFC braid then an outer insulation is black PVC jacket and finally grey and orange expandable sleeving.

Overall diameter is 13.5mm.

PRICE, 0.25m length

Sold in 0.25m multiples, we supply in a continuous length, so if you require 1m then please order 4 off.


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